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How to Make Your Type 2 Diabetes Diet More Plant-Based

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Most of the diets included in this study didn’t completely eliminate meat, says Golubic. “Often the people included in this research had a few servings of meat and fish in their diet, but it was mostly plant-based, he says. Red meat and processed meats have been linked with higher risk of diabetes as well as other chronic health conditions, notes a review published in February 2014 in Nutrients, and Golubic says it would be beneficial from a health perspective to avoid these foods.

Although research, including studies cited in an August 2017 article also in Nutrients, has shown that plant-based diets are very safe to follow and may confer numerous health benefits, you should always discuss any dietary changes with a healthcare professional first, says Qian. If you have an underlying medical condition or may be at risk for developing nutrient deficiencies, a very strict plant-based diet may not be the best choice for you, he adds.

Making small steps can help make your diet more plant based, says Golubic. He offers a few suggestions to start making your diet greener:

Eat more vegetables. It may seem obvious, but that’s where we fail as a nation, says Golubic. “Only about 10 to 12 percent of people get three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit a day, even though eating them has been shown to help protect us from a variety of diseases,” he says.

Try fruit for dessert. In many cultures and in diets like the Mediterranean diet, people replace cakes and cookies with a piece of fruit, says Golubic.

Add more fiber to your diet. Try replacing animal protein with something like chickpeas, hummus or beans, which also offer fiber, says Golubic. That will begin to shift that ratio between animal foods and plant foods, he says.

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